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The Long Way Home was named a 2022 Readers' Favorite Finalist in the mystery, women's sleuth category.

"I have now read six Samantha Church books and what a ride it’s been! This book (the rest of them too) is so good, it is difficult to put down."

5-star Amazon review

The LONG WAY Home is the sixth book in the mystery series featuring reporter Samantha Church

On the back cover ...

Haunted by the death of her co-worker and good friend, reporter Samantha Church sets out on a journey to find his younger sister, Jenny, who he last saw as a baby and never got the chance to know.

Driven by the need to fulfill her friend’s final wish, Sam travels to El Paso, Texas, and digs into the past. And as that past continues to unfold, what does Sam discover presently about herself and her feelings for her boss, Wilson Cole Jr.?

Do her feelings for Wilson go deeper than she realizes?

As time runs out, will Sam be prepared for what she uncovers the closer she gets to meeting Jenny? Can Sam save her and free her from the shadowy and tragic underworld that has imprisoned her? Or will she remain just one more nameless victim of the sordid criminals who have kept her captive for so long?

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