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"Along with Sam Church, the other characters present 'real life' issues that demonstrate the difficulty of handling a job, bad relationships, personal loss, loneliness and great insecurity. Dead Wrong is a great mystery that touches the sensitive places so many people try to hide."

Melinda Hills, Readers' Favorite review

"There is so much to like in the Samantha Church books. I enjoy the mystery as well as the personal relationships."

5-star Amazon review

DEAD WRONG is the third book in the mystery series featuring reporter Samantha Church

On the back cover ...

Nothing is colder than death. Or is it…

In Dead Wrong, the third book in the continuing mystery series featuring reporter Samantha Church, Samantha is back and turns her attention to helping Abby Love, a young funeral home employee who has come to her with claims that the mortuary is involved in illegally harvesting body parts.

Abby claims that funeral home employees and others with access to the recently deceased are profiting from the dead by secretly dismembering corpses, taking tissues, organs and non-organ body parts from knees, spines, bones to skin without the knowledge or consent of family members to sell on the black market.

Setting her initial skepticism aside, Sam and Abby begin an investigation, which soon reveals that trafficking body parts illegally harv​ested from the dead is, in fact, a thriving and lucrative, underground business driven by a growing demand for human bones and tissue—and is happening at the mortuary where Abby works. Their undercover investigation exposes a corrupt mortuary, but who is involved in the clandestine operation remains shrouded in ambiguity. Determined to uncover the truth and hunt down those responsible, Sam and Abby continue their pursuit—despite that it leads the pair down a winding and sinister path of malevolence and malice, which ends up having dire consequences for everyone involved.

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