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An Invincible Summer was named a semi-finalist for the Fifth Annual 2016 Kindle Book Review Awards in the literary fiction category.

"Wow! That is the word that came to mind when I put down An Invincible Summer. This book was a fantastic read and one that I was engrossed with from the beginning. 

I could not put the book down. The legal battle that the two young women are waging will change the lives of many, and the outcome couldn't have more life-impacting consequences. The author's understanding of the workings of the legal system certainly shines through, and there were points at which I felt I was actually in the courtroom." 

Tracy A. Fischer, 5-star review for Readers' Favorite

An Invincible Summer
Published September 29, 2015

Betta Ferrendelli, author of the

Samantha Church Mystery Series

On the back cover ...

Jaime Monroe is a young prosecutor who has a bright future with the Denver District Attorney’s office. Jaime, however, is tormented by demons from her past.

But when she learns that Leigh Roberts, a local reporter for a Denver daily newspaper, intends to have her mentally challenged daughter, Ashleigh, forcibly sterilized, something within Jaime stirs.

Whether it is anger, pity, or simply the need to do what’s right, Jaime decides to turn her back on her promising career with the DA’s office to represent Ashleigh Roberts.

With the odds stacked against them, Jaime and Ashleigh take their case to the courts in a battle that will ultimately resolve one woman’s past and one woman’s future.