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The Friday Edition

There are more than 500 posted reviews on Amazon and the Goodreads websites for the first book in the Samantha Church Mystery Series.

Here's a sampling. If you would like to read more or all of them, please take a few minutes and visit my Amazon page at:, or Goodreads at

Revenge is Sweet

The second book in the Samantha Church Mystery Series has more than 230 posted reviews between Amazon and Goodreads.

Read a sampling on my website and if you would like to read more or all of them, please visit my Amazon page at:, or Goodreads at:

Dead Wrong

Since its publication on Jan. 8, 2015, nearly 60 reviews have been posted for the third book in the series. Check out the latest on my website and read the others on my Amazon Author Page:

An Invincible Summer

The legal drama published Sept. 29, 2015 with several strong reviews and now has more than 25 reviews. You can read them here:

Approved Testimonials

Totally loved this book, didn't want to put it down until I finished it, and then was disappointed that I had lost contact with the characters. Actually felt like I should add a couple of those to my Christmas card list.

Amazon Customer, An Invincible Summer

Totally loved this book

One of the best books I've read in a long while. I want to say I never set it down. I did one time. It was an emotional, heart-moving story. Couldn't stay away from it for an hour! I've never read this author's books before, but I definitely will read more of her writings. It was so touching with many things going on, yet they all meshed together. Thank you for that wonderful story.

Glitzy, An Invincible Summer


Sam Church appears equally skilled at solving mysteries and getting into trouble, only to be rescued at the last minute by her adoring employer and her grandmother's paramour. The woman has no sense of self preservation at all! In this she follows a tradition set by Kay Scarpetta and Tempe Brennan et al. Very entertaining nonetheless.

UK Reader, Dead Wrong

A Right Good Read

"The Friday Edition is one of the best I've read this year. Well written, great geographic descriptions, and good attention to detail. I loved the Samantha character and can hardly wait for the second book."

CT Woods, Friday

A Great Mystery!

Investigative journalist Samantha Church is led to question the practices at the mortuary where her own sister's burial was handled. While fighting for sobriety and custody of her young daughter, Sam also needs to recognize how her other close relationships help or hinder both her physical and emotional recovery. It might be a matter of life and death.

OverReader, Dead Wrong

Couldn't put it down even on a beautiful Seattle summer day

"Samantha Church is back in this sequel that takes up almost immediately after The Friday Edition. I guess it was naive to think you could just bust up a massive and very sinister drugs ring without them seeking payback. Betta Ferrendelli's novels starts (once again) with a bang, this time a kidnapping and doesn't let up from there. Very entertaining read that leaves you wondering whats next for Samantha Church?"

David Taylor, Revenge

Excellent Sequel

"An excellent follow up to The Friday's Edition. Samantha Church is a very interesting character! She has a drinking problem she is trying to overcome so she can regain custody of her daughter. You can't help but root for her. She and her boss have been kidnapped and now the tense times begin! This story is so interesting it keeps you turning pages well into the night to see what the outcome is. This author has the ability with her writing to make It so easy to feel like you are part of this that you don't want to end. You really should read this book or you will miss an excellent and tense adventure."

Carol Covato, Revenge

A must read!

"As I normally read the standards, James Patterson, John Grisham, David Baldacci, I was quite surprised and delighted to read this book. It kept me reading during a long drive and on the beach wondering what was going to happen next. I also found it an interesting way to tell a story of an alcholic's journey to sobriety that was kind and gentle yet encouraging and powerful. I learned a lot in this book about that journey and made me ask the question as well. It may be a question many have asked themselves but didn't want to go to an AA meeting. Thank you for being brave enough to weave the "unspoken" addiction into a story where one could ask but not reveal it to anyone. Might be good reading for AA. I'm glad I found out that I am not one; however, the way the story is told is a compassionate way to find out. The story was also a great murder mystery with all the twists and turns and enjoyed it a lot."

Phyllis, Friday


"Wonderful story that deserves the five stars all the way through! From the first page to the last I read it non-stop even taking it with me from room to room! Not only was it a fabulous read, but I especially enjoyed and respected the insertions of some of the fears and reasons and experiences that can lead to the illness that is called "Alcoholism" and the devastating effects it can have on many people and their loved ones. And the religious aspects were great also! This author has talent and compassion and it shows in her art. Thank you for a good time well spent."

Monika Peters, Friday

Time Well Spent

"The author has authentically captured the agonies an alcoholic goes through before she can admit she has a problem, and has done it within an excellently drawn mystery which, unfortunately, is all too realistic. The author made me care about Samantha, and root for her to finally "get it." The author has a good knowledge of what goes on in a newspaper office, too. Taken together, she has crafted a well-written, engrossing mystery about all-too-human people."

G. Byrge, Friday

An Excellent Read

I was captured and engaged as soon as I started to read this well-written mystery. A great storyline. A wonderful read and great character development. I had a tear at the end of the book and was sad when I was finished reading it, I did not want it to end. I am so glad that there is a sequel to this book to look forward to. Sydney Sheldon, this book will give you a run for your money!

LM, Friday

Satisfied Reader

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