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The Friday Edition

There are more than 500 posted reviews on Amazon and the Goodreads websites for the first book in the Samantha Church Mystery Series.

Here's a sampling. If you would like to read more or all of them, please take a few minutes and visit my Amazon page at:, or Goodreads at

Revenge is Sweet

The second book in the Samantha Church Mystery Series has more than 230 posted reviews between Amazon and Goodreads.

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Dead Wrong

Since its publication in Jan. 8, 2015, nearly 60 reviews have been posted for the third book in the series. Check out the latest on my website and read the others on my Amazon Author Page:

An Invincible Summer

The legal drama published Sept. 29, 2015 with several strong reviews and now has more than 25 reviews. You can read them here:

Quotes I was captured and engaged as soon as I started to read this well-written mystery. A great storyline. A wonderful read and great character development. I had a tear at the end of the book and was sad when I was finished reading it, I did not want it to end. I am so glad that there is a sequel to this book to look forward to. Sydney Sheldon, this book will give you a run for your money! Quotes
LM, Friday
Satisfied Reader